Saturday, December 05, 2009

Graham Sterophonics....Yeah!

My friend Alex texted me whilst I was sitting in the audience for the Alan Carr show asking if I would like to be at the taping of the Graham Norton Show. Seriously the guy is hilarious and as camp as a tent. Could I say no...hell no!

Anyways, the next morning, she rings...better offer.. she has won tickets to see Sterophonics perform live at the XFM studios in London's Leicester square and we meet them for photos, drinks and autographs after. I want to go with her. Ur ... Um no let me think. I want to go chew on Kevin Rudds toe nails - Of course I want to go.

So well I swap a camp gay man chat show, including a visit to mingle with celebrities after in the green room to go see a Welsh band of which the lead singer "Kelly Jones" makes girls weak at the knees. Oh, so yes please. And well here are the pictures.

Ps oh premier of "Nine" in Leicester Square on same night and managed to get a sneaky shot of Dame Judi Dench of the red you do.

Kelly singing...

Kelly, who lots of girls just love.... me not so sure...a tad on the short side!

Me Alex and Kelly

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