Thursday, December 03, 2009

Chatty Man... the Live recording of Alan Carr's ITV show... starring ME!

I had always wanted to go to a live taping of a BBC TV show...or there abouts. Over here you just register, pick some dates and hope for the best. Its free of course so its good for a cheap entertaining night out. I was fortunate that I got an earlier date than I hoped for and Mark, Michael and Amy were keen to come along.
Me and Amy with our arm bands....

We got there early to ensure a seat, they over book to ensure they get a full audience, and we waited...and waited in the pouring rain...eeeekkk. We got our arm bands and sneaked a cheeky pint while we awaited our time slot to return for our seats.
In the Studio...

Yippee. The show was hilarious, the compare annoying and throttle worthy (ie trying to encourage us to be twats cause we might be on TV..urgh). The host Alan Carr is always funny and he didn't disappoint. I had seen him perform a comedy routine back in 2006 for the Reading festival and saw him at the train station then too.

Kate Hudson was on the show. She was incredibly gorgeous, legs up to her nostrils in a stunning black dress up to well...there..., but not so funny and they filmed an hours worth footage of her...for maybe 10 minute on the show. Then came Sharon Osbourne, very funny lady really enjoyed her style, followed by David Michell one half of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb who do a funny show here called Peep Show. He was very amusing. Lilly Allen was supposed to be on, she pulled out last minute (fortunately I see her at Brixton Live next week so not totally fussed).

The Studio

All in all a fun night and just to say my boots recovered from the down pour, but I still have memories of me shivering and drenched in the audience.

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