Friday, November 27, 2009

Posh Din Dins - Artisan

Sophie and I, quite often, well at least once a month get out to eat at somewhere just a bit special for a natter and something tasty.

This time I got us a great deal on Top Table so for £35 a head we got us a bit of spoiling with a 3 course dinner with all the fancy appetisers in between (made it about 14 courses if you counted them all) and a glass of Champers!

Unbeatable. And what can I say great company and great food! Rightly we rolled out of there too.

Artisan at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair
Our wee fois grass burgers, delicious, and also the goats cheese with white chocolate - who would have thought!
My yummy Pavlova..someone in that kitchen is an Aussie!
Our chocolate tree - Sophie
Our chocolate tree - ME!

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