Monday, October 26, 2009

A week in the life

Ok prepare yourself, an example of my life, this is last week! Oh its not that exciting really! You will be snoring by Wednesday, so its good to read right before bed, as an alternative to counting sheep perhaps.


7.45am - drag myself out of bed, cram in a cup of tea, muesli, shower make up....etc

8.30am - out the door

8.40am - on the Northern line tube and reading standing up (change to District/Circle line for 2 stops)

9.15am - arrive at work, set up desk, get tea and start my workday

1.00pm - working through lunch, again, have soup from home

5.00pm - leave work, walk 15 minutes to Charing Cross station so only have to take one line home

6.00pm - check emails briefly, avoiding computer as have pulled a muscle, do a load of washing

7.15pm - off to Pilates class

8.30pm - dinner and TV, potter bits and bobs the usual

11.30pm - Bed


7.45 - 9.15am - same as Monday

1.00pm - lunch (soup from home)

6pm - leave work and walk to Goodge street stopping via Tottenham Court Road to check out shops

7.30pm - Northern line home

8.00pm - home, TV, wash hair and late dinner with Mark


7.45 - 9.15am - same as Monday

1.00pm - lunch (soup from canteen - root vegetables...mmm...(urgh Not!)

5.00pm - out the door

5.30pm - physio massage at Snow Hill, near St Pauls

7.00pm - mad dash back via Kentish Town and down to Camden to meet Mark

7.30pm - "Date Night" dinner at Andy's Taverna, mmm Greek food

9.00pm - "Couples Retreat" with Vince Vaughn at the Odeon - its ok, but only ok.

11.30pm - home at last...sleep time


7.45 - 9.15am - same as Monday...bored yet!

1.30pm - quick trip tp M&S to see if they have the dress I need for next week (nope) but I got sushi for lunch, how I miss Sushi Train!!

6.00pm - out the door

6.20pm - meet Jade and Shauna at National Portrait Gallery for 60's Photography Exhibition - Beatles to Bowie (it was really good)

8.30pm - dinner in Covent Garden

11.00pm - home and missed Question Time, drat oh well 8 million others watched it

11.30pm - bed time....though it could have been later


7.45 - 9.15am - same as Monday...bored still....but I did get a bacon sandwich

12.30pm - lunch at the A&E Pub with Rachael and Amy

2.00pm - back at work

5.30pm - out the door and straight home

6.45pm - walk to Gospel Oak to catch the train to West Hampstead

7.00pm - Red Lion pub for drinks with Matt and Cristina for their leaving do, then on to Alice Bar next door

1.00pm - home and crashed out, one cocktail too many


10.30am - get up have a cup of tea, potter, bugger around do bits and bobs of tidying, shower, dress etc.

1.00pm - tube down to Waterloo, grab hot choccy then train to Clapham for shopping in TK Maxx (outlet store)

4.30pm - done, Mark has new jeans, work trouser, socks and undies. I got a new dress, handbag and leather gloves. All at bargain basement prices!

5.30pm - Oxford Street, just briefly when we realised the time, Marks work shoes will have to wait

6.30pm - back home getting ready to go out

7.00pm - tube to Oxford Circus and walk down to Club Bar and dinning in Soho

7.30pm - Dinner with the Ibarras and all the others

12.30am - miss the tube and walk to catch the night bus

1.00am - home at last.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


10.30am - out of bed and cup of tea

11.00am - Mark makes breaky - bacon sandwiches

11.30am - shower, dress and out the door for the tube to WORK

12.30pm - at work

4.30pm - quick shop at Sainsbury's for dinner stuff, we have spagetti bol...

5.30pm - home, put a wash on, tidy, watch some Meerkat Manor

6.30pm - put on dinner and chill with Mark watching TopGear and Emma

11.30pm - early night...lights out!

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