Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And then it was darker

Autumn, well at the moment I am loving it, actually well I was until we "fell back" an hour and daylight saving was no longer our ally in saving the world from darkness at 4pm. I walk home from work, or part of the way at least, and I had been very much enjoying watching the squirrels run about and the gradual arrival of the winter Canada "Guard" Geese into St James's park. Seriously they stare you out like, "hey lady if you come one step closer to this fence....I so seriously will bite your hand off, go on I dare you".

View of London and Autumn St James's Park from my office

Then all of a sudden on Monday night I went to walk and the park was pitch black at 5.30pm, no chance of walking through to even see my hand let alone the squirrels. It was dark but not unsafe, still lots of people around, walking, jogging, with personal trainers and sitting on the benches. It was then I realised, oh my goodness, when will I get to see the squirrels after work again, as I really might not. I suddenly missed them.

View down my road at home with all the leaves gathering on the paths

It also made the enjoyable thought of walking home after work, sound not so fun anymore, because I cannot see beautiful London with the horse guards parade on Whitehall with the London eye peeking over the top, the lights on it are red this time of year. I thought to myself that maybe I would get up earlier and walk in the morning instead. Then I thought HA - who am I kidding, when all else is put against sleep, I am sorry but sleep ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS wins.

Aside from that we are having a beautiful Autumn as you can see from my photos, lots of leaves changing colours and the weather has been quite balmy too and no rain really at all. So not too cold to stand outside the pub or walk to the night bus if you miss the tube close at 12.30am.

I am going to get out at the weekend to take some more Autumn photos before all the leaves disappear when the trees shake themselves free of leaves, as if shivering with the cold, to show their bare skeletons for winter for what will be my last London winter. Sigh.

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