Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Excited that a book about Thomas Cromwell won the Man Booker prize this year, extra food for my addiction to historical fiction centered around the 15th centry and Henry VIII. Looking forward to reading that.

Pissed off about pushy people on the tube, its not crucial to move 1 foot closer to the door and interupt me to do so, and right when we have only justed moved off from one station so you can get out 1 foot ahead at the next - two minutes away still! Your only going to be one of those people on the escalator who stands, so you will SAVE NO TIME, nadda, fact you might actually go backwards!! grrrrrrr.

Am tired. Hate being tired. More cause stress, job in want of going permanent and its mine for the taking (including taking into consideration of my situation) BUT at a cost. Hummmm feel bullet biting coming on and rock and hard place deliberations going on, so not fun.

Looking forward to a browse at the Ted Baker sample sale tomorrow morning, might be more for Mark than me, I never find things on sale, the new seasons shiney new and perfectly shelved and hung garmets are so more tempting. Given its a sample sale will find nothing in my size and won't be tempted by new stuff as its only a sample sale.

AND NOW....bugger it going to bed. PS did anyone get my email....*sniff sniff*

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