Thursday, October 08, 2009

Chinese Wedding Mayhem

Firstly, big congratulations to Dickson and Szu-Yuen on getting married..... now *singing* “Dix and Su went to the chap-el and they got mar-aarrr-ried…..” And then they had a Chinese banquet...

Dix & Szu with Joe toasting

Mark and I attended with quite a few of our friends. We had been warned we were not to eat during the day, though having gone to Mark’s friend Ahmad’s for a quiet BBQ lunch, it was a bit hard not to. The dinner was a whopping 10 courses, but all really healthy food really, just put in the middle of the table for us to help ourselves.

But back to the beginning, we got there for 6.30pm, and we were not late – amazing. We greeted the bride Su in full Chinese traditional dress and groom Dickson with their families and we were ushered up to our room on the 3rd floor. The restaurant is one of the nicest in China town Soho and is on 3 floors, the wedding was rather large (only 300 odd people) so the entire place was booked out.

The Happy couple sing

I think we were all banished to the top floors, due to the common knowledge that we’d hijack the Karaoke to dance and sing away, as a combined unit, till the wee small hours, jostling those on the lower floors to the point they’d think there was an earthquake. They were right indeed that we did do.

The food was lovely, we had beef and pork, then scallops, lobsters, fish, abalone with Chinese mushrooms, a rice dish, a noodle dish, followed by a sweet bean custard (looks like chocolate….but definitely does not taste like it) with lotus root biscuits (YUM) and oranges. It was all quite something all coming out over the space of about 2-3 hours.

Goodness knows what they were singing...probably Guns n Roses

It all started going mad when the Bride and Groom had to toast the tables (its tradition that they must do a toast with every table – so much chinking of glassware), they came up stairs, with their parents who were more than encouraging and they had quite a few. Our room had four tables, and there were about 36 in total, and going easy was not an option. Then during dinner Karaoke was put on, so eating became our second priority.

You name it they did; Mark and I did a duet for Dancing Queen, we had Bohemian Rhapsody, I predict a Riot (the microphone was shoved my way for that one and there was much jumping around), Welcome to the Jungle, Walk alone (just to annoy Barnaby as its Liverpool’s song and he supports Everton, who are another team from the Liverpool area), Take on Me, New York New York, Valerie, Final Countdown (Mari loved it), a bit of Girls Aloud, and serious amounts of Guns and Roses…for all the guitar hero soloists in the room (seems most of them).

Towards the end when all the other guests had left (except our room) we coaxed Dix and Su into doing a song, well it wasn’t difficult really and they did Especially for You, THE Kylie and Jason song – hilarious. By then it was nearly midnight and we all had one last request, in unison we all screamed Mr Brightside. After that little number with about 25 of us jumping around, causing minor cracks to open in the walls, we were exhausted and it was time to go home. It was a great night out, even if we did catch a night bus home on a school night.

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