Monday, August 03, 2009

No hairs were harmed in the posting of this blog

Nope, they all now safely live for eternity in a landfill site, well somewhere like that, though I Googled "where rubbish from London goes", and got details of the band Garbage, so Shirley Manson must be stockpiling in her back garden - go figure! Alas its no longer on my head.

Lisa, now with mid-length boring (?) hair....

I have had my long hair for over 2 years now, right middle back length, and it was time for a change. Not because it was unhealthy, its never been better, but am just bored and I don't think I have had a hairstyle for that long before.

However, further change might be imminent, put your votes in peoples (email me if you don't have access to comment) for me to go further than what you see in my post chop picture. I was looking to go for a long bob, so middle neckline length at the back but just longer than chin length (to thin out my chubby round face) at the hairdresser said he'd do it for free if I did it within to am humming and hawwing incessantly now...what to do!

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