Saturday, August 08, 2009

High Drama!! Jewellery Heist!!

Yesterday evening Sophie I were just making our way through Mayfair to our dinner destination Benja near Carnaby street. We were just winding our way past Old Bond street, where all the posh jewellery stores are, including Tiffanys when we noticed an abundance of seeming random car directing and police men.

Then whoops police tape, more police, milling tourists. We were intruigued but like they were going to openly be chatty with us about what had happend, que we move on - if it was anything, well it would be in the papers Friday.

And you know what it was... a massive jewellery heist...humm humm, and we missed the drama, though gladly given guns and shooting being involved, not so exciting if you get a bullet - not at all!

London Lite - Jewellery Heist

So check it out...will put up a pic of the London lite, it made front page! You heard it here first, up to the minute here...

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