Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy August....

Well sort of, as its the last month of summer and officially the last month of Summer for me and Mark living in the UK. Its been pretty good so far, lets put it this way it did not rain at Wimbledon. I got a tan sitting in St James's park, the sunshine to rain ratio is about 80:20, I have been able to walk through St James's park on my way to Embankment and not even get dripped on for ages (though the squirrels have attempted to trip me up multiple times, run right under my feet - probably since I won't stip to admire their gorgeous swishy tails and silly antics) and I have not left the house wearing a jacket since the beginning of June; AND its been mid-20s for well ages, so I think that's a pretty good summer.

Its set to be 27 on Thursday so I am ignoring significant media hype of forecasted MET office...stuff ups... after all they are predicting the future based on the past, and well even the most famous future teller, Nostradamus, was a bit hit and miss on his predictions!

Blame, blame....why do they have to blame someone in the first place, blame God if you must, but not the MET office. I have gripes with them, but hey sometimes I want the weather to be good and when I pray it is and its not I get a bit grumpy with them, I move on, I don't hold grudges. I secretly think people blame them because they have a Twitter account and God doesn't.

Anyways, was walking home tonight from gym about 7.30pm and it was lovely light, balmy and warm, kinda reminds me of an Adelaide autumn evening, warm days and balmy nights. Autumn is my favourite so that is probably why. So again, I won't be disapointed if we don't get a massive heat wave. Yes I remember summer 2006 - brilliant - but I also remember summer 2007 & 2008 - they were bollocks.

So Happy August, Happy Summer, Happy last summer living in England. Oh and its England it doesn't have to be sunny to be beautiful, but when it is sunny its AMAZING, so hopefully we get a handful of AMAZING days, but if not I am content to say its been a great summer.

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