Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mother nature has PMS over London

Well we sure do get odd summer weather in London, this is the second time I have been sitting watching a torrential down pour of the heaviest sleet you can imagine, think of sheets of water like when you tip up a full bucket of water.

The clouds have come over slowly all day really with the sun peeking out through grey clouds with sunlit pockets of blue, slowly it went grey, dark grey, then just dark and the London eye, which I can normally see as clear as you like, just vanished.

This time I am sitting at work biding my time till it stops and I can safely leave the building without becoming a wet rag the moment I walk out the doors. It’s complete with ear drum cracking thunder and lightning; both all at the exact same time, so you know your in the thick of it. It has also been hailing pistachio sized chunks of ice. A massive lightning strike just the flag post on the building opposite too.

As it write it’s now over. The blue is back, the eye is visible, it went for about 10 minutes and while new slate grey clouds are approaching from the east and I can see smatterings of lightning heading west, I shall too rumble off like the thunder and head home for the day.

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