Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The yummiest things...

Why is it that the yummiest things to eat, just get yummier with every bite and you just cannot bear to stop eating till there is nothing left, or in my case you are positive your going to get the most dirtiest "I cannot believe you ate all those, and did not share..." face and disgusted comment from ones lovely husband *kiss kiss*

That would be me, post work, pre-pilates, pre-dinner and in total desperation for something to eat; why do we keep nothing in this house? You scoff things! Ah yes I knew there was a reason.

Ok back the the scoffing... I scoffed (you've got to love that word, just a little bit more polite than snorting) scoffing; a good portion of Pizza shapes. A much coveted and kept only for special occasions packet, that in our fine wine storage approach to said packet, the expiry date was November 2008!!

That was very much part of my reasoning for opening, if he notices....though he probably won't...that will be my argument..."well they were off anyway, not quite so crunch...as soggy, you would not have enjoyed them....". Ok there really is some left and they are still super crunchy, but back to my story.

Some things are so delicious, like Pizza (and BBQ I might add) Shapes in all their hexagonal non-pizza shaped glory and they have that scrumptious tangy salty taste (MSG....well it would be if they were made here) and the flavour hit. Eating one makes me thing, "oh devine, the next one will be better, evenmore topping..." and it is but not enough so you eat another, then another.

Before you know it you've got those fine tangy salty crumbs all over your fingers, and licking them clean, just makes you want to eat another one. Then when you finally think, ok husband really will kill me now, you quickly scrunch down the foil back, fold back the box, hide it back in the same spot and savour the last biscuity deliciousness that is now stuck between your teeth...Gross but so good!

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