Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blank space

Well I don't know how many of you check this often, but if you apologies. I have been away, with Mark of course, then it was month end at work. I am an Accountant and for those of you who know that and are one yourself, you understand the dreaded - MONTH END... It was one of the busiest ones I have had in a while.

Aside from that I have been being very good, I went for 2 runs this week and its only Friday. Weather looking a bit glum this weekend, which is typical because we are staying in London this weekend, so its not likely I will go again. So maybe I could go to a spin class tomorrow - gosh too if...

We are just about to be heading out to my favourite Japanese restaurant - Okawari - again for my friend Yvey's birthday. It will be good as there will be a few friends there I have not seen in a while, and one who is - boo hoo - moving back to New York. Then tomorrow is set to be a bit chilled, maybe Camden markets and grocery shopping, then I will go out to a dance party with a few friends I used to work with later Saturday night. Looking forward to it, as it seems like an age since I went out for a bit of a boogey! Then Sunday is hopes to visit Eltham Palace....finally! It is in Greenwich and where Henry the eight grew up.

Ok must run...more to come.. plus photos of Copenhagen and Vienna/Salzburg

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