Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stop Press! Celebrity Spotting! Again.....oh yes!

I mentioned to Mark that I had been blogging about his keen eye for celebrity spotting and he was much put out that I had not blogged about his spying Sarah Harding.

Well it seems Farringdon is the place to be, though it does have some pretty tasty restaurants... and in the case of Sarah Harding, maybe she was at Karaoke Box! She is after all one of Girls Aloud and they have to let her practice sometimes.

It seems again, at lunch Mark spied a lovely young lass, tall, blonde (blah...) with her friend standing by a black fancy car with a little dog in tow. He thought it was her, and realised as he walked past her that it was indeed her. That was Marks, almost could touch experience of Sarah Harding...hardy har...

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