Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stop Press! Celebrity Spotting! Again

It's never me who spots them, because I walk in a daze, I find it rude to stare, briefly glance or even smile in public - weird I know. Though this time I was in MAC dealing with uppity sales assistants who would not serve me because I was in a queue at the counter (obvious place to wait for help I would have thought) and not randomly looking totally dejected, lost so to await their so called "one on one personalised service"...don't get me started...

But anyway, Mark was waiting outside of said shop (definitely better service out there) and Heather Mills walked past him. He only realised today, after reading some article about her eco-friendly restaurant (yah right - its going to have an ice rink and they don't serve meat - apparently both make it eco friendly...humm) in Brighton. We were in Brighton and she went past him in a very exotic brightly coloured jacket - he thought he was mistaken, but it was definitely her.

My left eye has been twitching a lot lately, its supposed to mean good luck, maybe I will spot a celeb soon then.

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