Friday, April 17, 2009

Once upon a my childhood

There was an Easter Bunny who came along to provide the good little children of the world ADD inducing chocolate eggs and bunnies on the very day that the Christian (most of us!! - no political correctness on my site) world celebrates the re-birth of Jesus.

The children were very happy. Their parents would trawl through supermarkets to purchase said Easter treats, filled with other irrate parents and their ratty children tearing their hair out of choices between the Humpty Dumpty egg, Smartie egg or an Easter Egg train. The said oblivous children are generally in tow and not quite with the whole marketing ploy and the non-existance (whoops to those under 5 or those who were never told) of the Bunny dude himself.

Ah memories, the blissful time where you really had no idea that the Easter bunny was indeed your parents having spent hard earned cash on mountains of overpriced chocolate shapes (that in a block would cost less than a third of the price) and then spending several hours placing them in and around the garden for you to hunt for on Easter morning at about oh 5-6am...

Where has the wonderment gone, I can barely remember, though I certainly remember that I got more than my fair share and more after visiting various aunts, uncles and grandparents. This Easter, I had 2 cadbury creme eggs of my own purchase, about 4 hot cross buns (in February mind you) and even forgot it was easter to the point where we didn't even say HAPPY EASTER.....BUT....

To everyone out there....I have remembered Easter, its a joyful occassion of child grinning delight, of sparkly coloured tin foil covered eggs on the grass, sparkly eggs filling a wicker basket, school holidays, baby bunny rabbits, Easter bonnet parades and grinning chocolate covered faces.

Happy Easter (belated) everyone!!!


Laura said...

This is my favorite post that you have done in awhile! Happy easter to you guys as well, and trust me the magic of easter comes back once you have a few innocent believing rugrats in tow! The hard part for the parents is to get up before the kids to lay out the eggs for the easter hunt in the morning!!!!
big hugs xox

Anonymous said...

Yes we did the Easter Egg hunt thing although we are wondering when the English Bunny is going to cough up the English Chocolate, a 2 yr old must not be kept waiting hehe
I agree with Laura this is prob the best post you have done for a while