Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Silence is...

Lisa being sick *sniff sniff snort...splutter* and spending time with her beloved *blissful sigh*, flat hunting *urgh* and well just not having time to spend on the computer, well at home anyway. I am at work all day, on a computer and sometimes all night, well at least till 8pm. I don't have proper internet access at work so basically with blogs, yahoo and facebook out of sight, its out of mind and I forget.

So what is new....well I am flat hunting, in Kentish Town and around that area, which is proving a pain in the arse. However, its like most painful things, you forget the pain till the next time it happens, so I had forgotten the pain of searching, interviewing (I flat shared last time), packing, moving, lugging boxes, unpacking and disapointments. Crap flats abound no end....its wiser always be prepared to be disapointed and pee your pants with excitment when you find something remotely delightful. Oh well despite all that I am excited to have my own place again, thus there is a lovely light at the end of the grungy, grotty, property hell tunnel.

The weather is finally warmed up (no really don't laugh). Its been in the minuses and its HORRIBLE... So so cold, hands in gloves, but still need to be shoved in pockets up to the elbows, face and ears frozen, cannot feel them kind of cold. We went for a wander around Camden last Saturday and all I could think of was "its cold, I cannot feel my fingers and can we eat now, somewhere warm". It was about 10 today, so that is practically balmy, no gloves required. I am hoping the cold comes back just for a couple of days so that we get fog, as I have some great photo ideas for fog, that I need fog for!

Work is fine, contract got extended, so more holidays here I come. I am going to start ice skating lessons soon, it was that or dancing and I have done that before (awaiting a place to be available). I will begin socialising again soon, flat hunting as I mentioned takes priority when you need to be available to view properties in the evenings.

Other news...thats not mine, but super important.

My best friend Laura and her hubby Graham have a new bouncy baby boy - Mitchell Ashley, who arrived safte and sound on 5th Janurary, Tim & Jacqui had a lovely wee girl Holly late last year, my friends Dix and Szu-Yuen got engaged over the weekend and I do have another wedding to go to in May for Anais and Ahmed, despite the fact that I miss one in March for Katy and Ben this year, because its in New Zealand (beyond the budget am afraid).

However, most excitingly is that my sister is going to have another baby in June this year, so I will be an Auntie all over again. How lovely.

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