Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Years Resolutions! 2009

So what are my plans for 2009, what are my New Years Resolutions…? Well first lets have a look at last year and see how that went….seems I did very well under reading, sleeping, seeing friends, travelling and seeing shows – oh well maybe better luck next year for the rest of it.

a. Start running again (nope…but joined a gym)
b. Pilate's for Monday mornings with Kate at 7am (nope)
c. Maintain current ideal weight (got fatter…just…a tiny bit...and then some)

a. Proper meals at home 3 nights a week (ha)
b. Actually go food shopping once a week, proper food – fruit/veg/meat (ha)
c. Eat breakfast everyday – fruit/yogurt or muesli (muffins Fridays only) (eat porridge yum)
d. No chocolate at work (try….)
e. 1 x coffee a day and no tea at least 3 hours prior to sleeping (dislike coffee…and only have tea at work)
f. Eat out properly once a week (ate out lots)
g. DO NOT go out drinking more than 3 nights a week and in moderation (so over that anyway)

3.Well being
a. Take up French lessons again (nope…but want to do photography lessons)
b. Go to history events (i.e. Hampton court) (nope, pass)
c. Read more books, at least 1 a month YES
d. Join a volunteer group (nope)
e. Get a massage every 2 months (hummm…nope)
f. Get at least 7 hours sleep a night YES
g. STOP Procrastinating!.... (nope, never, I don't think that will ever happen)

a. Schedule friend catch ups in diary YES
b. Email friends and ring home more often (sorry guys…nope)
c. See at least 1 ballet, 1 opera, 2 shows & 2 bands (before Jun-08)…(yes Ballet, no Opera but went to Summer Proms at Royal Albert Hall, shows 6 (French & Saunders, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Woman in Black, Rainman and La Cage Aux Folle) by end Dec-08, and 3 bands by end 2008 (Lenny Kravitz, Kaiser Chiefs & Razorlight), though had booked for 5 – I missed Ash and Ting Tings)
d. Organise holidays/breaks in advance - plans for Polo lesson (done), Belfast (done), Val d'sere (ski) (Italy, but done), Cinque Terre (Italy) (nope), Champagne (nope), Korcula (done, and Split too), New York (done), Eastern Europe (Contiki) (nope…but went to Bratislava in Slovakia), Prague (done), Paris (again) (nope..but nearly, just went to Edinburgh again instead), Egypt (no but moved to list for 2009) and I am sure I could figure out more! (then add….Madrid, Manchester , Peaks District and Maidstone, along with the usual trips to both Brighton and Worthing, as well as Australia for 3 months too)

a. Get budget back up and running – and actually be responsible for spending!
b. Buy a flat in London (hhhahahah very funny…nope)

a. Get a permanent job!
(nope….contracting pays better)
b. Do more work related study. (nope…well kind of as did lots of in-house training)
c. Stay focused and organised! (diary for 2009 is ready to go!)

a. Go to a concert on own or even a music festival
b. Update blog weekly (sometimes twice a week)

So this year…. dum da dum..................

Go to the gym 3 times a week at work

Move to Kentish Town

Travel to Egypt , Portugal , Denmark , country France (inc Burgundy & Champagne ), ski trip (somewhere….maybe France ), Cinque Terre and more of Italy , Finland (Fjords, possibly via Contiki), more Eastern Europe (Contiki), Greek Islands again, Inverness ( Scotland ), Vienna and Salzburg , Alicante ( Spain ), Cornwall and well I really do want to go to Paris again. Other options…but are if cans not musts are to go to Croatia and Turkey again, as I love them both.

Entertain at home and learn to cook a mean Sunday Roast

Eat more fruit

Photography lessons, though this also means to by a new DSLR

Take Dad to Cornwall , to Paris and to Wimbledon

Keep working at my current contract….cause I like it.

Keep a permanent to do list

Email friends once a month and ring home more often

Stop buying books, stupid but I have no room!!

Take a wine course

Buy a Mulberry handbag – had to add this as I have coveted one for about 3 years and did not buy one single new bag in 2008 as a compromise.

See lots of shows (Billy Elliot, We Will rock you, Pantomime (Snow White), The 39 Steps, Manon (ballet), an opera)

Bands (Snow Patrol, Sneaky Sound System, Killers, Oasis, Lily Allen, Gabriella Cilimi and Rock Werchter Music Festival)

I think that is all for now, I think I did ok last year, so I might be ok.

How it might work…… for travel....though Jan is already looking slightly unlikely....

Portugal (Jan)
Ski (Feb)
Vienna & Salzburg (Mar)
Alicante/Cinque Terre (May)
Cornwall & Paris (June)
Werchter Music Festival ( Belgium ) & Greek Island holiday (July)
Scandinavia, inc Finland (Aug)
France (Sep)
Denmark (Oct)
Egypt (Nov)
Inverness (Dec for Xmas)

That’s All folks…wish me luck! x

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meagan said...

Good luck with your resolutions this year Lisa. If it helps you out with your entertainment issue, I like to eat Sunday Roasts and am happy to travel north of the river too! I can even bring my Mulberry so you can look at it. he heehee xx