Sunday, December 21, 2008

MOJ Christmas Lunch

At my work, which is the very large Ministry of Justice (where I work for the HMCS (Her Majestys Court Service) Change Management Access to Justice Finance Team....whew, what a mouthful, we have a very small team of just 8 people.

Four of us are Australian (one each from Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide)...hmmmm, do I detect a trend...hummm, consider my previous jobs...consider if all the Aussies, Saffa's and Kiwi's left the UK tomorrow, there would be a lot of businesses going well belly up! There would be no one left the run the show! our small team of country running peoples, had a Xmas Lunch at Zizzi's (I had pizza) and exhanged a few goodies for a Kris Kringle. It was short lived and back to work we had to go after a timed, the restaurant had us all scheduled in for 1 hour and a 1/2 only, dining slot.

My Pizza....yummy!

Amanda and Amy

Matt, my Boss (note the Essenden Supporters jumper)

Rachael (formerly was Pam who has now gone back to Melbourne), Syed, Brien & Lucy

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