Sunday, December 21, 2008

La Cage Aux Folle - The BirdCage

You may remember this one from the hilarious film that stared Robin Williams, it - La Cage Aux Folle - was a very successful French play and movie before they made the English movie version - The Bird Cage.
I was long overdue a catch up with my friend Julie and rather than just have a dinner we caught a show too. This one I had been eyeing off to see for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity.

The show itself is about a gay couple who own a cabaret nightclub in the South of France, in Nice, where Georges is the ever suffering "man" and MD of the show and Albin is the "girl" slash drag queen/transvestite/companion/lover, who is the long time, now aging star of the show "Zsa Zsa".

It starts to get silly when Georges son turns up announcing that he is to marry Anne, whose mother and father they are to meet. However, Anne's father, a prominent politician and staunch supporter of a morality and family party, who well don't see "gays" fondly.

Albin is supposed to disappear for a night and Jean-Michele's real mother is supposed to visit and play happy families with Georges...only catch is she doesn't actually show up.

So Albin, miffed at having been dismissed as "not Jean-Michele's real mother", decides to steal the show and play mummy rather than Uncle. This has hilarious results and ends up with Anne's mother and father being smuggled out of the cabaret in Nice, by having to play transvestite dancers in the show...Hilarious.

Both Julie and I loved it and are considering seeing it again, next time with Graham Norton, who is a very popular and funny English television comedian!

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