Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The only Sarah Palin, who will ever win!!

Yep folks, that will be little ol' me... I had a funtastic Halloween party on the weekend and decided to be a little be creative this year (with a little help on the idea itself from a friend...). I was trying harder than I though and turned out to be....well, very convincing and ended up winning the Best Female category - Yippee!

Well, shes decent looking (so that bit was easy...*wink wink* modesty here), she was a beauty queen, she winks a lot (thus the joke - helping you vote Obama one wink at a time), was Governor of Alaska, like guns, shoots moose before breakfast, was involved in a scandal involving her sisters trooper hubby, has a down syndrome baby boy with a weird name, can see Russia from her house (amazing!!), likes John McCain, does great tongue twisters when cornered by journalists (hence flalin Palin), and debates "saving yourself" but has a pregnant teenage daughter (again the weird name...Bristol).


Ok so I was a well versed Sarah Palin, I bet she probably doesn't know she is half those things herself. I found a great website with lots of hysterically funny jokes at her expense - brilliant. Anyway, so here are a couple of pics of me, or Sarah...whatever!

PS more of the actual Halloween party coming soon.............stay tuned!

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Meredith said...

Hi Lisa! Just spotted your blog. Hope you are doing well!

Meredith xx