Sunday, November 02, 2008

If it rains it pours ... or snows if you live in North London...grr

Well the weather is, kinda like winter, which to me is a bit of a concern since it is not actually winter as yet. It bucketed down today, I got drowned after all what is a bit of drizzle. Not drizzle really when it goes on for hours while your hiking up and then down Oxford Street. Yippee for the new Westfield shopping centre in White City (all indoors).

Its been winter coat requiring weather for the last week and a bit. Yes both my winter coats have been hauled out of their plastic safe havens, shook, dusted, de-treasured (several pounds in one of them) and sent into service against the ever changing, but always cold, autumn days.

One good thing, and one slightly annoying thing.

Good - its been very sunny, lots of happy smile inducing sunshine. I could live with a winter with plenty of sunshine.

Annoying - it was bitterly cold on Tuesday yet while bitterly cold makes it snow, it does so only NORTH. Thus, I was well pissed off when several people....damn the Northerners....text me to tell me that it was indeed snowing. Cue; Lisa running for the window....donning face of childlike surprise and delight, followed quickly by face of utmost pitiful sadness upon realising snow in SOUTH London was torrential rain. Doh.

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