Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lost in Transit

Am wandering around Singapore Airport, its a fabulous aiport, but mainly if you've got lots of money to shop at all the luxurious brand name shops, ie Prada, Bottega Veneta, Tiffany, Coach, Gucci, Hermes....I could go on. Alas that is not the sort of money I have to spend, duty free or no duty free.

My excitement of this visit to the lovely Changi Aiport, Terminal 2...and Terminal 3 (why are they Terminals....I am leaving from here, but I suppose I arrived too..oh well...another question to ponder in perhaps another blog) is a massage and an eyeliner from Chanel. Sigh.

I might...just might have a peek in Tiffany's too, after all I keep promising myself something from there and just never get around to it. I was going to wait for my trip to New York, but the way the money situation is these days (boring.....*snore*), the pound may no longer match off nicely with the US dollar with the benefit that any shopping in the US being like a massive 2 for 1 sale; gone and soon by the seems. Though I am still optimistic...

Anyways...I am counting down the minutes (2 min left) on my alloted 15 minutes here...so I am off.

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