Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everyday I love them more & more, the Kaiser Chiefs

Last night was my fourth time seeing one of my favourite bands, the Kaiser Chiefs and well they still rock. The first time I saw them was at the Reading Festival in 2006 where they headlined on the friday night of the festival and I was a newbie to English rock bands outside of Oasis. This was followed by seeing them at Rock Werchter 2007 (in Belgium), then at Earls Court in December 2007 (where I was right at the barriers of a very jammed and massive venue) and last night at the tiny venue called the Forum in Kentish Town in North London (almost Camden, so as famous as Koko in Camden).

The Kaiser's have a new album out, in fact it was just released on the day of the concert so perfect timing. It seems most of my favourite bands are bringing out new albums at the moment, Keane, Snow Patrol, Razorlight, the Kings of Leon (a new favourite, I have not been a fan of their music previously) and the Killers (who I love). So my visits HMV may have to increase, whilst my bank balance dwindles just a bit more. That and new albums mean new concerts - poor bank account again - for which most are sold out. Though that doesn't mean I won't go, it just means I get tickets closer to the date when they are cheaper on eBay, either that I score some from the touts on the night. Though experience tells me it won't be necessary to get them from the touts.

Anyway, I went along to the concert with Michael, Kerry and Mark, all seasoned festival/concert goers with a hearty preliminary dinner at both KFC and McDonalds - yes we are that awful to have eaten that rubbish - we were geared to enjoy the show. We had intended to have a couple of drinks at the concert, but with my bladder all but bursting minutes before showtime, only one was the go. I simply could not chance it. Also when your jumping around at the front of the stage you don't get much chance to drink, more like have a bath really. I didn't really care, I was already a drowned rat from the pouring rain that was dumped on London yesterday evening. Michael would be familiar with the warm beer experience as after all, he wore a beer about halfway into the concert.

Well they were just brilliant, Ricky Wilson (lead singer...and a God) kicked off with an oldie (I cannot remember with what he started with exactly....have no idea why), before diving into the new songs including "Never Miss a Beat" which is a great song in general, but one that completely goes off at a concert. "Ruby" got a mention (my favourite) as did "Modern Way". The played a few new ones, we sang Happy Birthday to the drummer and they also played a few others including "Everyday I love you less and less", "Oh my god", "Heat dies down", "The Angry mob", "Thank you very much", "Na Na Na Na Na", and they finished off the encore with "I predict a Riot", which predictable almost caused a riot!

Ricky was totally into the crowd, and being up the front enabled me to get pretty close to him. Firstly he was leaning way over the barriers and I got right in ther for that, right up close. Then a bit later he got all the crowd at the front to part - not unlike the red sea (lets say in this case the "Ruby" sea) - and he ran down through us so he could climb up to the bottom of the balcony.

Of course, the enthusiastic crowd including myself hindered his way within moments (he got there eventually) , BUT ....huge BUT.....before he finished making his way through the crowd, I got to touch him. Touch him.....his neck in fact, i was estatic. It now sounds so silly to re-call, but I have not had a crush on a musician before so to see him AND touch him all in one night was just too exciting. He also did some crowd surfing, for which Michael was over joyed to have him pass over the top of him. I got a couple of great shots of that.

Though in all I did not get too many photos; seriously I was way too busy enjoying being right at the front, in the thick of it. The joys after the show - alas which was too short - of course amounted to mosh pit like queues for coats to sticky wet clothing, which is a mixture of sweat and beer - joy!

I had tickets to the Kaisers for both the Monday and the Tuesday night, but I sold my Tuesday tickets to Jade, so I am hoping she has a good time as I did, which I am sure she will. I was tempted to go twice - almost - but after the experience which shall be now ever known as "touching Ricky....." *sigh*, well I wasn't going to beat that. I will see them again in March next year, when they do their major show at the O2 venue in North Greenwich, so until then....

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