Monday, April 07, 2008

Visit Home - Adelaide!

Well I am currently back in Adelaide to visit my family, an unscheduled visit because my mum is not well, but it has been 16 months (as my lovely sister pointed out) since I was here last so clearly a visit was much overdue.  I am glad to be back and its good to see that nothing has changed, at least something in my life has remained stable over the past year or so.  You can always count on Adelaide with its many "anti-everything" supporters to ensure that it stays the same, so its the place you will always remember as home. Though I am not sure what happened with the trams down King William street, what a disaster, where were the "anti" people when this proposal went through!!. 
I suppose the lack of changes is why people always come back, you either love it or hate it.  Everyone wants the same streets, the same Victoria Square, the same King William Street (well slightly modified now), the same cafes and restaurants.  I am very much looking forward to having a decent coffee, that is for sure, gotta love Bean Bar and Cibo..mmmmm...  that and catching up with as many friends as I can given the circumstances, just because I don't get to see you does not mean I didn't want to.  I will also be back again before the year is out so I will get in a good chin wag with you all at some point this year for sure.
As for Adelaide, well lots of people ask about Adelaide when I say where I am from because usually well they have not heard of it.  Its a lovely friendly little town, all about friends and family, where generally the biggest news is how much the cost of petrol is and how the Crows and Power are doing in the footy, that and there is lots of complaining about the traffic! That always makes me laugh - what traffic!!!  Anyway, sorry this is not a bag about Adelaide, I love the beautiful sunny calm town that nurtured me to become the cultured little cookie that I am.  There are things to do here and you can do them, while catching up with family, good friends, good food, good wine and damn good coffee - can I mention the coffee again....can I take Cibo back to London, oh I so wish.
What I love - well here is a list and its only a small list, but its a start, so before you bag Adelaide think of all the wonderful things we have;
Haighs Chocolate (must be first)
Cibo/Bean Bar
The Central Markets
Rundle Plaza (where DJ's is)
Farmers Union Iced Coffee
St Peters Bakery...pies, pies, and more pies
Adelaide Oval - what an Icon
The Crows
Cleland Wildlife Reserve
A day out down at Victor Harbour
The Torrens - have you ever biked or run/walked along it, its gorgeous
Brighton and Seacliff beaches
The winery regions - Barossa, Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills, Limestone Coast and Southern Vales
Camping in the Flinders Ranges
Clipsal 500
The Fringe Festival
Starlight Room
The Dinosaurs at the Adelaide Museum, especially the blue whale
Rundle Mall
Bunnings, I love a good wander around a hardware store!
The Royal Adelaide Show
Big Day Out
Festival centre
The Big Rocking Horse in the Adelaide Hills
Foodie Streets - O'Connell Street, Melbourne St, Gouger Street, Hutt Street, Rundle Street and Unley Road
Grumpy's Pizza
Swimming with the dolphins at Glenelg beach
Sushi Train - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Food and Wine Festivals, all of them, though Norwood is the best one
Day on the Green
Glenelg Jetty and ice cream at Glenelg beach on summer evenings
Autumn in the Adelaide Hills
Mt Lofty
Morialta Falls
Monarto Zoo
Friendly people (I experienced this today and was in heaven!)
Sunshine, Sunshine and more Sunshine
Well I think that is enough things don't you - so there - I love Adelaide and proud to call it Radelaide!!!

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