Monday, April 07, 2008

Sun in Adelaide; Snow in London

What a contrast. I come back to Adelaide and get bombarded with news of heavy snow fall in London from various friends (thanks Sophie and Shauna). Typical of London weather to wait till I am not there, though it did snow a tiny bit on Easter Monday, so I am not completely hard done by.

On the plus side it is lovely, sunny and warm in Adelaide and was 27 today - totally bliss. Everyone at my old work was cold and in suits and jackets, they thought it funny that I was totally in summery clothes and geared to go to the beach - which I have not done as yet but cannot wait to do so. My lilly white and now very English skin needs a bit of colour.

I will take some summery pictures of Adelaide and post them up!! So where ever you are enjoy the snow and sun!

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