Thursday, February 14, 2008

Movie World Premiere - The Accidental Husband

WOW! Its all I can say, just WOW. Tonight I was catching up with Toni at Okawari for a fantastic sushi dinner (thank heavens for Yvey and Dix's parents to create such a wonder), but we both got a little sidetracked being near Leicester Square we got caught up in the movie world premiere for The Accidental Husband.

Everyone wants to feel a little bit of the sparkle and glamour that comes from a movie premiere, just once...or maybe more. However, the Metro paper this morning and last night was advertising the premiere of the movie with Uma Thurman and Colin Firth, so we had to go, of course. Well I know Colin is old enough to be my Dad, but I am 31 and have a school girl crush on him that I never had for anyone (no Laura - NKOTB was your crush!) when I was a school girl. It was perfect timing as like I said Toni and I were planning to be a street away, so why not go!

We waited for ages, and we were not even standing together (we arrived seperately and kinda didn't find each other at all), for me it was around 2 hours waiting and waiting to see Colin Firth. Sad - well you may think so, but I am a little bit impressed with myself right now... just a little. I ended up talking to a couple of random people in the crowd, which to be quite honest was not too bad a friendly bunch and not a huge amount of people.

Random B celebs to Z celebs (damn that Jade Goody) arrived, then Uma arrived, in a firetruck with lots of firemen - damn she is hot. She is so skinny, but absolutely gorgeous. No fab frock, just a dressy top and black pants, but she was pretty crowd friendly and wandered around for about 20 minutes or so, talking and signing autographs.

Then finally when my feet could almost no longer stand being frozen any longer (I was wearing heels straight from work) Colin casually strolled in, ran in onto the red (white - its a wedding movie) carpet. So casually in fact, lots of whispers echoed around the crowd, is that him, no cannot be, yes it is, no it isn't. Till finally I got a glimpse of his profile and my word, whew...nearly melted into the floor. I had finally seen in person, in the flesh, the one man who makes me weak at the knees, Mr Darcy, Mark Darcy - well Colin Firth. Ah Bliss, ah bless.

Well that must be the hightlight of the year so far...after all that excitement, Toni and I finally met up and nattered away in Okawari for a much deserved dinner of awesome sushi.

Enjoy the pics!

In preparation, getting the white carpet ready
A celeb...I think...she signed autographs
Cher and well not sure...fake celebs, there was Robbie Williams, Lionel Richie and Frank Sinatra too
A Girl Band....
All the girls...who??
Another Celeb... sorry am really crap at this...and didn't have my glasses on either
Uma arrives in a firetruck
Oh Uma - she was lovely
Zoomed in Uma
Uma close up, she was so close
First glimpse of Colin Firth
Colin with Uma
Toni at Okawari
Okawari on Lisle St - Soho
Lisa eating Sushi - Yummo


Anonymous said...

OMG - you were within reach of Mark Darcy and you only posted one photo of him on your blog!!!!

How exciting, wish we had celebs like that in openings here in Adelaide!!! LOL.

Oh and my obsession with NKOTB was that of a hormonal 13 year old - dont knock it, these strange things just happen!!! :-)

L. xox

Lisa said...

Only one photo....because he didn't come near where I was, he wasn't up for working the crowd for ages because he was late....but I have seen him in person so am happy!