Monday, February 11, 2008

Its sunny and beautiful, Hooray!!

The last couple of days have been so beautiful I just had to write. The temperature has been in the low teens so just lovely and warm. The other day on the Heath, I walked up and sat down to have my breakfast - a coffee and a croissant - it could have easily been a summers day.

The sun, though having given a deceptively warm impression from within my flat, was actually radiating lovely warmth. That and a lovely light breeze made for a gorgeous day.

The only downside is that it is only February and while this may be a hint of the summer to come, one can only be worried or slightly depressed in that we still have a few months, before spring and summer will properly kick in.

So while we are basking in the glory of an early spring, with the daffy's out already, England being England, it could very well turn miserable in a week with snow and all!

Thus I take thanks for the small miracles of days when the sun is shining and everything is bright and beautiful...sigh...such is life!

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