Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Totesport Victoria Cup Day - Ascot

It's not Royal Ascot, which is coming up in a month, but it was a good excuse to get all dolled up, break out the champagne and potentially win enough to retire comfortably on our own private island - sigh! Not that I'd ever bet that much for that to even be a remote possibility.

There was wine tasting on, which was a bargain at £5 to taste 7 wines, and they were generous too. Plus they had wine from Spain, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, France, Italy, South Africa and my favourite was a white English wine (they don't do many) called Juniper Hill. Somehow we managed to do this twice!

Dawn, Marks friend from work was there with her hubby and friends - we were there with Ahmed and Anais, but they drove in and after catching up with them briefly they disappeared - who knows maybe their retirement ride came up. We had come up to Ascot on the train, and we had a bottle of champagne on the train to get into the festive spirit for the day too.

We spent most of the day on the lower pavilion area, even though we had the Premier tickets which entitled us to viewing from level 4, and we would have probably spent more time there had we realised that further down there was viewing right over the finish line. Oh well all the better to know for next time.

We put on a few bets, lost a few, won a few - very annoyed when the favourite won the first two races - and ended up no better off for the day. But we had good company, good friends and good fun!!

Us on the way
The inside
The outside
All of us at Ascot, Dallas, Julie, Mark and Chris
And the racing
Winners are grinners
Wine tasting at Ascot - so Mark in his element
Our shoes...
Lisa's outfit
Mark and Dawn

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Laura said...

Loved the dress and the shoes - you looked georgeous!!!! also looks like you had a great day!!