Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Its been a while...

Well my gloating about the weather has to end, which I am sure you are all very happy about. Yes we have THE Spring weather, seems its crappy all over the world and not just in Adelaide. I am a big Summer and Autumn fan!!! So its raining and cold and windy and wintery...burrrr, just going to turn the heating up now.

I am still doing Pilates which is lovely and even managed to purchase my beloved yoga mat, precisely one week prior to my Pilates instructor at Stratford deciding that he'd rather focus on his expanding "personal fitness" business rather than his studio class business. Well a Pilates studio in Stratford, was my dream, but clearly not a viable business option for anyone, after all its not exactly Highgate or Nottinghill! Oh well my Pilates studio near my flat is still going so I can still go after work at least.

Last week when I was in town, hastily and rather frantically shopping last minute for my Ascot outfit I saw a traffic accident. That was a little scary!! I had just come out of Debenhams and nearly about to wait to cross over one of the little side streets off Oxford street, when a scooter beeped his horn at some people attempting to cross on his green light; consequently risking their lives, and that's just from the ambulance ride they'd require.

Yes, its a given there tends not to be many cars or bikes that frequent , or coming too fast, off those streets, but people just go and they don't care about the cars. Anyway the people he beeped at got out of the way, but then closer to the corner another lady stepped out, he swerved, tires and metal screeched, sparks flew and in the rain with the wet road he went flying off his bike, with him and it skidding across to the centre of the intersection.

The lady screamed blue murder, and fell over, she was with someone, but people came rushing to her from everywhere. From my point of view, it really didn't look like she actually got hit - there was no blood, or appearance of broken anything - she just looked stressed and stunned, and with her lying in the road, this increased all the bystanders hanging around her. Then i thought that maybe the bikes wheels had spun out and hit her.

Later though, this point of view - of her not having been hit - was further verified when discussing this with a few other bystanders, some its seems who hover around to help, some just to comment - like one guy who saw us all talking and came over to push his point of view that it was because Londoners are just rude and this was verifed by the fact that people were just rude to him in a coffee shop - geezz poor old bloke needed to get a grip!

I was the first one to the guy, to see if he was alright, and when I got to him he had already picked himself and his scooter up and got to the side of the road. He was more stunned than anything, and just had nice wet marks up his legs from his slide, and probably a massive bruise to boot. He was very nice and the first thing he asked me was "Is the girl ok and did I have a green light?" - that, which he did. He was concerned about the girl and we discussed how lucky he was that he got up and walked away, as well as how he travels that way everyday and says people always just step out. I waited till the ambulance came and then wished him well. I was a bit worried that I hadn't left my details, but the cameras are everywhere and I was sure that they would show that he hadn't done anything wrong, plus there were plenty of other people around.

So there you go, Oxford Street is accident street - by far!!

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