Friday, April 20, 2007

My Procrastination Pays off....

I have found over the last couple of weeks my procrastination, bad habit if you have it, has actually helped me. It all started about 4-5 months ago when I was desperate to do Pilates again. Charlotte, my friend whom I met at the JV, was desperate to find one too. So we both looked and found a place with one group near her and one near me, but at the other end of West End lane, so effort to get there would be required – I’ve have gotten lazy in my old age. Well Charlotte was good and went along. I however, had holidays and various things on, you know it’s a hard life that I lead, and so put it off.

Eventually about a month ago, I rang them and it turns out they no longer exist. Blast it! I was thinking, that I would have to research all over again to find another place – as I wanted Body Control Pilates as that is the proper one. Though, this turned out to be a bonus, as 2 days later I popped into my now new beauticians and found a leaflet for a Body Control Pilates girl, and she is literally on my doorstep. It takes me a maximum of 20 seconds to get there (30 maybe if I dawdle or stop to say hi to the Lebanese blokes at David’s Deli).

Then to top that off a Pilates and Yoga studio opened up on Burford Road where I work, just last week actually. Now if you could see where I work and Burford road, you’d see that it was bizarre that this place should turn up at all. The street is a dead end street, basically a car park, with some new glassy flats, a cafĂ©, a sheet metal place, an Asian wedding henna tattoo place, our depot office and a tiny office for the Olympic Planning committee. I actually found his flyer in Starbucks – ugh, how could you I hear you saying! Yes, sorry my latest fix is their soy caramel macchiato, but as with all food habits of mine I get bored and move on. So it’s just a phase, but this time happened to be a phase at the right time.

So basically the moral of the story is that my procrastination in joining a Pilates group saw me find one outside my flat and the other right outside my work, with lunchtime sessions. I just had to share my joy at having great luck with this….

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