Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Twins!! Samuel & Chloe Siebert

A big congratulations to Rebecca and Tim on the arrival of their instant family. Very exciting. Their little ones, well they got an early start in life, very early, and shocked their mum and dad by arriving naturally at 30 weeks, much earlier than planned on 30th August.

Little Sam was a tiny 3lb4oz and he beat his sister Chloe (at 2lb2oz) into the world by 15 minutes. But Rebecca has been sending through lots of information and tells me that they are both (and mum too) doing really well and now will be home in around 4 weeks. They look gorgeous too and sooo tiny.

I have put a couple of pictures on too....

Tim with Sam

Bec with Chloe

1 comment:

Heather said...

Seriously. Too. Much.

You could kill a person with too many cute baby photos I think. Look at these sweet, teeny tiny litle babies! Bless.

(also - for some reason I can't help but connect with thae fact that these are approximately the same size as what is in my tummy. such lovely little sweet things)

*heather shuts the internet in order to pull herself together and wipe the puddle of drool off her desk*