Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just another week

Well we have, believe it or not, been in London for 5 months on Monday!! Wow where did the time go. I know we have done a lot, which was proved to me the other day when TNT mag did a special on markets/shopping in London and we'd already been to all the places listed!!!!

There is a bit of a heat wave on in London at the moment, wait for it....its been 25 plus for over 5 days, and it will be well hot. (see pic) Note - the heading says Kilburn, but that is the closest weather observation site to where we live, its only 5 minutes away.

Earlier in the week, straight after our hectic day at Wimbledon, we actually headed back to London to see "Avenue Q" (see which is the latest and greatest musical to hit the west end. It is actually hilarious, its basically a very political incorrect muppet show and it previews a few of the songs on the website...

Then unfortunately Wed, Thurs and Friday we were back at work, so just the usual - though I have had my work contract extended to December. I did discover this week that my new favourite things are Branston Pickles....yummmm with cheese or ham and Pimms (but I am sure I have mentioned that before).

I am hearing great news from home, more babies and more babies - and this month I am looking forward to hearing of arrivals of baby Wanzek, baby Kouzaba and baby that order!!! Also great news of a new house for Mel & John. Oh and a big hello to Crumpet!

Anyway must go we are off to watch the England v Portugal game which will no doubt render the streets of London empty...

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