Monday, July 03, 2006

And then there were 4...

What a disapointing we are now left with Germany, France, Portugal and Italy. I think we may support Germany from now on. Its a bit sad, even early this morning on my way out the pub windows (which were previously covered in Enland flags to support the team) were just washed clean and it was as if the world cup was no longer on. Boo hoo.

I did a fun run today...not much fun in the heat though. It was out at Blackheath, near Lewisham and it was called Race for Life, a female only 5km run where you raise money for cancer research. I completed it in 33min, but boy was it tough. There were no water stops and none at the end, plus the race was on at 11am, so I was running in the peak heat of the day. After the run I went for lunch with my friends who did the run, down at Canary Wharf, which was great, nice and relaxing with the breeze off the Thames.

Now we are just at home resting and waiting for another warm week to begin :-)

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