Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tres Bien....ah oui Paris....

We barely had a week to recover from our Turkey visit before we were off again on a much anticipated long weekend in Paris.

It was anticipated that the weather was going to be against us, but after our 2 hour Eurostar train ride when we arrived at Gare du Nord, we discovered that the BBC have no idea when it comes to weather and it was sunny, bright and gorgeous in Paris.

Our little hotel was situated in the latin quarter, just near the Notre Dame (see pic) on the South of the river, very cute and cosy in a tiny winding narrow street. So after dropping off our luggage we set out to explore Paris.

First thing on the agenda was to go for a wander along the Isle St Louis, which has lots of cute little shops. It was there that I had my first attempt at speaking french, when we ordered our lunch at a Boulangerie (Bakery).

Lunch was in the Tulleries gardens, right next to the Louvre, just amazing - I still have Paris down as my most favourite city. In the gardens were the most beautiful flowers, sailboats in the fountains, and people just wandering around or enjoying the sunshine in the garden chairs. I have lots of pictures and will put more in too.

From there we wandered our way along towards the Champs Elysees, where we window shopped the designers stores along Avenue Montaigne before finally wandering around to "Le Tour Eiffel".

It's just as magnificent as we remember, so we sat a while in the little gardens. Next stop was the Luxemberg gardens (pic) on our way back to the hotel and dinner in the Marais area.

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