Monday, May 01, 2006

ANZAC - Turkey Trip - Final

Ok so we made it back to Istanbul in one piece, and even the dodgy food on the way back didn't kill us.... Gallipoli was exhasting so we were very ready for bed on our return.
The next morning a group of us whom had later flights decided to visit the famous Grand Bazaar to do a bit of shopping. It is quite huge and you can buy lots of gold, fabrics, brass, linen and turkish teas or some more gold and fabrics - there was even a section where you could buy giant bags of press studs and the like. All the shops were run by men, very friendly though so all good there.

We were trying to find a good place for some nice Turkish food for lunch and we were chatting with some men a gold store whom directed us to the Havvzlur Restaurant in the middle of the markets. It was delicious and not a kabab in sight. With that we farewelled our Anzac friends and headed off to the airport, taking a local train there, which reminded me a lot of the local Paris trains. So all good things must come to an end, thus lies the end of our trip to Istanbul.

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