Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Er to do about nothing!

And er nothing it would be is what I have to do around on here.  Alas I would love to blog more, but what about?

I no longer while away my hours in pubs drinking cider, in London theatre venues and out at restaurants or hoofing it around to exotic locations on the Continent. Humph. Then I might have more to write about, though lordy knows how I actually had the time to write!!

Though for the bigger trips they missed out on blogs as there just was no time to remember and relay the exiting times that were had.  I even think I only got about half our our Egypt trip on here, and that was about 11 months ago now. My time flies.

No you'd think here I'd have more time, which I do, but what to write about, am caught up in the world of work, family visitation and the mundane dullness of things like food shopping and housework.  Though its not Adelaide that's dull its me, my dull activities have nummed my brain into being dull even when I am not or shouldn't be. 

I joyously await the weekends for all the things that I am going to get done, all the events that are on, then for some reason I find myself 5 loads of washing down and cheering that I will get to watch 4 episodes of season 3 of Houswifes of NY - WTF!!!!!. Sleep? Getting plenty. Feeling rested? Ur nope not me. 

However, I have planned much to do about something for the Adelaide Fringe festival and have booked myself out solid for the 2 weeks it is on (that and WomAdelaide & the Adelaide Film Festival). 

So within the next couple of weeks, I may not have slept, the washing will not have been done and I will have most of season 4 of Housewives of NY to watch, BUT I will have been out there having a fantastic time, feel totally refreshed, AND that my friends is how it goes ... piles of unwashed washing is a sign of the living!!

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