Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a busy life!

Me, well not really. Yes and no.  Quite different to living in London - dinners out, birthday drinks, random drinks, random events, bands, quick catch ups, concerts, theatre, birthday dinners, celebrity sightings, opera, ballet, parades; all in any one week and any day of the week. 

Even a run home was an adventure; through St James's park, wave to the Queen at Buckingham palace, up Pall Mall, across Regent street or near Leceister Square, past Oxford street, up Tottenham court road to either Warren street station or if I had the energy just that bit further to Euston station - toot toot. 

Here, well Monday night, Anne is over for a walk and dinner - we're well fed here, Mark has all his tools and has gone cook book crazy.  Then Tuesdays is quiet night, or gym night...though the gym, well lets not talk about the gym, it makes me grumpy

Wednesday night can get busy, usually its pub night, or if Dad is home he is over for more of Marks fabulous cookery, and of course my amazing desserts.  Seriously nobody does Tiramisu like me (ummm. ok maybe Cristina....but she is Italian). At the moment its puppy school night.  Thursday is usually quiet, again meant to be gym night, but alas we've usually been up to something.  Fridays, footy night, night with Matt, Emma and Scott or lazy take away night (again this doesn't help my paunch), but lately its been going out to dinner night. 

Saturday nights...zzzzzzzzz, well pretty quiet unusually so, for us....

BUT that will change when the weather is warmer. Fortunately we don't have long to wait, it is July, almost August, September will bring the warmer days and then....well it will be warm right through till at least the end of April.  So I will gloat here now that I will enjoy and do very much enjoy the warm and sunshine that I will be blessed with...for 7 months of the year.  This is to make up for the very different lifestyle that I now lead, by choice and I am glad that I am being kept busy. 

Its only been 4 months back, I am allowed to grieve a little, mainly for those dear that I leave behind, but sadly I was always going to leave them. Boo hoo.  Anyway, as I say, its not bad...its just different.

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