Friday, May 28, 2010

Taking the plunge!

Well I did open my big mouth and spout to the world of my hopes, dreams and aspirations to develop my photography. So what more could I hope for. I have actually taken action.  Yes indeed. 

I have a Facebook Group - Lisa Luyten Photography and I have geared my Twitter updates around building up my photography knowledge whereby I follow fabulous photographers and tweet my own amazing ones too (I say that because most obviously I leave off Tweeting the mediocre ones, we're not all perfect you know).

So now I am available for weddings, parties - well anything! Right, nope.  I believe that was the name of a band in the 80's. Oops, showing my age. 

I am pretty keen to cover, at this stage, new baby, birth stories (this has a whole story...will share in a separate blog), birthdays, capturing children growing up, family times, best friend shoots, partner and individual photography shoots.  Also I think I would be keen to try different styles and quite happy to think outside the box.

Let me say, just watch this space!

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