Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just to let you know we still get plenty of it here in Australia.  Just today it was 30 degrees and amazingly bright and beautiful. I found myself wanting to go outside because I was afraid the sunshine would not last. 

It has not clicked in my head that for the last 6 weeks we have had about 3 days where the sun refused to shine, or rather shone tepidly through misty high soft clouds, and only one, just one day, where it wasn't playing peekaboo behind the clouds for most of that time.  That and my sunglasses are permanently perched on my head.  So its probably safe to say the sun is not in a hurry to go away...yet.

However, as I sit in my little chair at my little desk behind my little laptop tapping away I am continuously thinking, "oh my goodness, will I miss out, what if the sunshine stops and its grey" before dragging myself outside just for a little while. You know just in case.

Though thinking about it, about one week back I stopped to notice, whilst in a car park of all places, that the sky is high in Australia.  Sky High.  I just felt naturally small and that the world was so big the sky so wide, open and clean.  I had never realised before how lucky we are that Australia is so large and welcoming, the sky is one of the things that makes it so. 

London I remember feeling small and squashed, it felt like the clouds were ever perched just above my head, close enough to reach.  Though if I could have touched them I would have grabbed the grey grumpy sodden things and stuffed the darn things in the nearest rubbish bin.  England has low lying dense cotton wool like clouds that float past very fast and I spent plenty of time watching them do just that, where as Australian clouds are high floaty wispy that drift lightly and slowly across the sky.  Laid back clouds...laid back peoples, with London being fast and furious, just like the clouds.

No I haven't had anything to drink I really just felt like talking about clouds, and for those who have not been to Australia, I wanted to give a small insight to Australia that you, or rather Australians tend not to notice or take for granted. Just something that makes Australia what it is.  I will endeavour to think of more little things, its the little things of course that make it so wonderful, to share with you.

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