Friday, April 30, 2010

Australia's Finest...falls flat....

An update on my previous one....

and I quote "1. Loving no queues, or at least small ones at the Post Office and in Government offices, less than 5 minutes on two occasions, amazing!"

Well that is what I said...but it doesn't stop them from stuffing up, consequently I have paid for a new licence with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles only finding out today that I should have paid only $15 for a re-issue (my old one was current) rather than $295 for a new one...buggers!  Refund check here you come...

and I quote "4. Cold Rock ice cream..."

whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....I still miss Ben and Jerrys...LOTS!

and I quote "17. Getting to wear party shoes without London cobblestones ruining them"

hummm, well now that I don't go out...don't even shop, seriously I haven't purchased a single, shoe (that alone would be daft anyway), top, dress, bra, so much even as a sock...for 7 weeks.  That would be correct you heard me S E V E N weeks.  Get me! No shopping!

Off the topic there though, basically I don't go out, I go out, but not OUT no dressing up. Sob.

and I quote "19. Traffic jams only take 10 minutes to get through...maybe 15 if you are super unlucky"

Seriously don't get me started.  Mark and I are doing a road trip everymorning, leaving at slightly different times, taking various different roads to try and avoid dreaded traffic gridlock, alas its not like we are stuck for hours.  Just infuriating when you know you can get somewhere at a normal time of day in 20 minutes and it takes 40-50 minutes at peak hour.

and I quote "21. Peace and quiet, now my ears aren't the greatest, but its odd without the London hum that never stops"

This one well, please see my entry on What's my age again? and you will see that is just NOT TRUE, but on the plus side, it really would only be maybe one night a week. BUT I simply blame the lack of double glazing.

and I quote "23. Sunshine...just in case I did forget to mention it."
Nope that quote still stands - I love the sunshine!

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