Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Phone Envy

It seems the i-phone is now the toy of choice, and I want one. Why? Because everyone else does and its JUST not fair *stamp feet and pout* that I don't. I even had a bit of phone envy on friday night as Brien, Amy and then Mike, had their toys out comparing the latest free application they have downloaded for their phones, on their incredibly cheap all inclusive plans.

Mike, Brien and Amy with their I-Phones

I know it should be that a phone is a phone. You pick it up, press buttons and call someone, chat and hang up. Yes... No.... Then there is texting. You pick it up, press buttons, then a few more and voila you have text someone. You put phone down and await a reply. Yes... No... Its so much more than that.

There is an application to help you randomly decide where to eat, you get Facebook, free internet, apps to play old fashioned Atari games, YouTube, apps to know where to stand on the tube so your right near the exits. Yes, incredibly nerdy. BUT I WANT ONE *red face, fists banging floor*. Sigh.

Worst thing, the other morning a girl on the tube was taping away furiously on her Blackberry (really I am not going there on my want of the NEW purple Blackberry), me slightly jealous. THEN she pops that away and whips out her I-phone. Grr now have serious phone envy issues.

Maybe when I am back in Australia... *sigh, further sigh and big tut and huff*.

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