Saturday, January 23, 2010

The windy theatre production....Chicago

Tonight I took myself off to see Chicago, as I was only requiring a ticket for one. Not a nerd, just decided I want to see it and if I had to wait for someone else who wanted to go, hadn't already seen it and was available with cash to go when I wanted to as well I may never have seen it. Certainly not with the limited time I have left!

I think I did quite well securing myself a centre seat in the top balcony for £18, no complaints for me when full priced I'd be looking at £50 plus, and I got upgraded to the next level down when I got there too.

It was a bit of a night in for me really, I had a glass of wine, got comfy and waited for the scantily clad (read why I cannot understand why Mark didn't want to see it) show to begin. The Cambridge theatre itself, is the youngest theatre in London, only opening in the 1930's and having fully been restored in the 1990's. Apparently its one of the prettiest...least to say it is not. It got an Art Deco feel but its almost non-existent.

Anyway the show was great, lots of singing, a bit of dancing, and it was quite cool what they were able to do with minimum props and no set or outfit a few shoes and choice jackets. The hot guys doing the dancing was particularly good, definitely getting my fair share of hot men viewing at the moment.

I have to say my favourite was the husband Amos Hart, who did a great rendition of Mr Cellophane, but the gorgeous burlesque feathered fans for the entrance and exit of Mr Billy Flynn, who only cares about money was a lot of fun to watch too. The Roxie was actually the original Roxie from the original show when it started at the Aldwych Theatre near the Strand.

And that was that...I was home tucked up on the couch by 8pm that evening, so it really was like a trip to the movies...oh without the popcorn.

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