Monday, January 18, 2010

Wanted gorgeous gals to drool over SEXY Male Swans

That was me, Jade and Shauna, and drool we did, the principal dancer was a hottie, especially in shiny black leather when he is the stranger in Act 3. There are no words to describe, just subtle groans and lip licking all round...mmm mmm.

We sat 3 rows from the front and were delighted in the fact that we could hear every step, see every wobble, every muscle ripple, every rivulet of sweat, oh and the smell. Yes, but it wasn't bad, it was all baby powder to make them white for swans.

Photo from the Internet....Swans...

Aside from the hot muscly guys in the Swan scenes, the show it self was extremely modern and actually terrifically funny in some places, particularly the dancer who was the girlfriend. We got the giggles, she was so funny. I won't give anymore away, you'll just have to go and see for yourself.

The Matthew Bourne, Swan Lake at Sadler's Wells of course!
Jade and I with birthday cocktails for Jade
Me, with Jade and Shauna
My Russian doll, Olga...I named her just then... who contains 5 other ladies, Aleksandra, Helga, Irina, Mischa and Nadja from Jade's Russian Xmas and New Year

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