Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Szu-Yuens.. Wedding Birthday Bash ..Tule overload!

Szu-Yuen didn't want to do just an ordinary birthday, she was pretty keen for an excuse to watch her wedding video a few more times.

So no your not seeing a crazy wedding without the grooms your seeing a bunch of girlys with a damn good excuse to dress up in wedding and bridesmaids dress's. AND eat cake and listen to LOTS of ABBA. We certainly did watch the wedding too - which was lovely, but also Muriel's Wedding too.

It was a hilarious afternoon.

Cakes, home and handmade by Szu's herself
The Birthday Girl!!
Crazy brides and belles...
The full monty!
Mari with cakes

Katy and Natasha, 2/5ths of the the Ladies who Lunch

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