Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas London Style

Well what has now been and gone is our last (and first) Christmas in London, a quiet little dinner for two with a goose for 7. Whew, she was a big bird, and probably much offended that I kept calling her a turkey. In the end I banned the use of the Turkey Xmas hat, to cease my trigger to say the T-U-R-K-E-Y word...

It was delicious and needy, requiring much de-oiling during the cooking, thus whilst most of the afternoon I sat watching children's cartoon movies. Though The Incredibles is the only one I made it all the way through. Poor Mark was up and down like a yo yo to the Goose getting her all good to go for dinner.

We ate eventually at about 5.30pm, and it was definitely worth the wait, all the trimmings, potato's, sweet potato, carrots, beans, broccoli, parsnips, Yorkshire puddings, full cranberry and apple stuffing with delicious goose fat and red onion gravy...mmmm; your mouth watering yet, mine is and its 10pm at night and I have just had peppermint tea, which does not go with any of the above!

Below are a couple of photos from our Xmas day;

Festive Flat
Breakfast - eggs, salmon, Irish potato bread with Champers

Chef carving the goose
Dinner - Goose was good!
Our presents
Merry Christmas from me

And Merry Christmas from the Tourists on the Weekend xx

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