Friday, December 11, 2009

Legally Blonde... The Musical

Last night I had tickets to the theatre to see the just released "Legally Blonde" the musical, I had been itching to see this since April when it first was announced because one of my favourite British comedy actresses - Sheridan Smith - was taking the lead starring as Elle Woods herself. At the time I bought two tickets unsure of whom I would go with, but last minute saw me inviting my lovely friend Alex along for the ride (Mark was pleased he got to play XBox instead). We had a quick tipple at a very cheap and cosy old pub on the Strand before getting ourselves lost in musical land.

Me and Alex

I was slightly nervous, what to expect, could they pull it off would it be funny!? Well I was not disappointed, it was everything it should be, screaming girly audience, bright colours, pink and more pink, chirpy, dazzling, glitzy, refreshing and cheesy all rolled up into one. Sheridan was such a bubbly character and sported a dazzling smile throughout. It was cute too, as how could you have the show without Elle's little puppy Bruiser or Paulettes chubby British bulldog, oh they were adorable!

I could not stop grinning and Alex agreed it really was a fun show and of course at the end Elle saves the day and wins the man, sigh, I will have to watch that on DVD again soon. That was not all, wait there is more.

A true fan waits patiently at the stage door after the show and awaits the stars of the show to exit to sign the much coveted programme; ur, yep me. Alex was ever patient (and found it odd being on the fan side herself...she works for TV) and was in charge of the camera, while we waited for the stars to exit the theatre.

Sheridan Smith

Turns out, lucky for me, I was guaranteed autographs as it was a night specifically set aside for it; so out came the Professor (Peter Davidson), then one of Elle's friends (Ibinabo Jack), Emmett - Elle's new man (Alex Gaumond), Paulette (Jill Halfpenny), the old boyfriend Warner (Duncan James, who was in boy band Blue) and then finally the star herself Elle - Sheridan Smith. Sigh.

Me and Sheridan...she has stage makeup on still

Well I got a little star struck but she was adorable and didn't mind the attention from so many adoring fans at all, she chatted briefly to me, signed my programme and Alex papped me with her. I was very well pleased and was most excited, in fact I was buzzing I didn't get to bed till after 1am. fun times!

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