Saturday, December 12, 2009

Band Camp November

Tonight the Arctic Monkey song "I bet you look good on the dance floor" was rated the greatest song of the noughties, whilst I was hoping The Killers "Mr Brightside" would take the title I wasn't unhappy with it coming 2nd.

Anyway, putting that aside we were lucky enough to see The Arctic Monkeys perform live at Wembley Arena in November, one of the final bands we were to see for this year. Their lively sharp lyrics smacking us with words of a Northern reality, full indie rock gritty rawness, with the young Alex (you just want to pet him on the head, he is so young) having definitely found his performing feet, was all that we expected.

They gracefully banged out all the favourites, with much of the audience performance that comes to be expected at their shows with a few new tunes thrown in for good measure. Sadly I forgot to take my camera, such as an impossibility as that is these days with it practically an extension of my own hands, but alas it was to be so no photos that night.

Us at the Enemy

A couple of weeks later, one of my favourite rather new Indy bands The Enemy were playing down the street, at the Kentish Town forum, a mere 10 minute walk from home. They are hard punky rock with serious heavy handedness on behalf of the bassist and guitarist, which is made stronger by a rumbly deep heavy Brummy accent of the lead singer Tom. So much so I could barely sing along, as I simply could not make out the words.

Though the crowd was pumping and we managed to find our selves, Mark, Kerry, Michael and I, smack on the edge of a mental mosh pit. Its very much a band that boys love to through themselves around to, quite literally too. I have never been quite so beer drenched, I didn't smell of pee (trust me that is a good thing, better beer than piss) as I was that night, good thing I was due a hair wash. A fab night made better by the fact that I have the official set list of the night, which I will eventually frame for posterity.

And yes I did have my camera....hoorah!!

Tom at his best...
Kerry and Michael pre beer drowning...
The mental crowd
Tom again
And the set list...

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