Friday, November 06, 2009

What I really want to weirdness

I am constantly thinking of things to put up here but never remember when sat down in front of the computer, complete writers block. Its rediculous. I really need a note pad and pen when out, but even then I am sure I would write some thing stupid like "apple" about something completely un related to an apple and not have a clue what I meant. I digress.

The tube is always a fun topic for me, something weird seems to happen on a regular basis. Today was a nice thing, I offered a lady, very obviously (so not fat) pregnant a seat or rather to get a seat for her (as I was standing too) on a packed Victoria line train. So good. She seem pleased at the offer, but declined.

Some weird guy the other day tried to sit on Marks lap, the seats are very wide on the Victoria line (but NOT wide enough for two men) and consequently a guy moved a bag to make space, Mark sat down, as did another bloke, poor Mark was right squashed up and had no idea what to do. He could not stop laughing. The other guy was oblivous and I had to ask him to move as quite frankly if anyone is sitting on my husbands lap its got to be me.

Then there was the bloke yesterday, casually dressed, spread eagled legs everywhere posture treating a "sardine special "packed Northern line train like his living room, cruching away on crisps. Next thing I know he is covering his face up with his scarf looking around frantically like he is going to catch the plague off someone, one guy standing looks at me as if to say, "what the..." (aka Rove), I just shrug, with a head tilt "weird blokes" direction and roll my eyes. Its not just me, see, we all notice the weirdos!

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