Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We is fierce... Sasha Fierce, Beyonce at the O2

And she's on stage
Last Monday night Sophie and I went along to see Beyonce do her thing on her "I am Sasha Fierce" tour. We arrived a bit early, dodged past all the sheep queuing to get in (what do you need to queue for its a fully seated event!!) had a little bite to eat before we made our way into the dome to our seats.

Peter Andre

Well Miss Beyonce, or bouncy, was a little tardy, so after the support acts we were entertained by several rounds of the Mexican wave, celebrities causing crowd screaming fits, we had Peter Andre up in the box behind us to I managed to get a snap of him too. They all love him now he's ditched the t@rt with the bo@bs otherwise known as Katie Price. Finally at 9.30pm, with trumpets blaring and a blast of stage smoke, Beyonce was on stage.

She's a chatter

She did a great job wooing the crowd, serenading us with Broken Hearted, Halo and a most moving version of Ava Maria, for which she was demurely dressed in a detachable ball gown princess style. She performed a moving Ella Fitzgerald "At last" tribute to black America and Obama, there was also a bit of Alanis Morrisette and Michael Jackson in there. She also performed about 5 songs on the centre stage which was not too far back from where we were sitting and all joined in for Video phone and Left, which was just brilliant.

"At Last!"

Of course the song we had all been waiting for was her "fierce" song "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)", where a video of all the most funniest you tube attempts were shown before Miss Beyonce and her dancers strutted their stuff and showed them, you know, how its actually meant to be done. So with that song almost finished, midnight and an almost certain chaotic tube journey home looming, Sophie and I dashed Cinderella like from the O2 to make our journey home uneventful.

" Fierce "

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